Mexico Anticipates Losses for Grain, Livestock Production

by 5m Editor
15 February 2012, at 11:20am

MEXICO - Mexico is currently facing the worst drought on record in 70 years. Out of 31 states, about 19 have been affected. This weather pattern, also known as La Nina, has adversely affected grain producers and exporters. Significant losses for both grain and livestock production are anticipated.

According to USDA's International Egg and Poultry Review, on 19 January, the Secretariat of Economy (SE) issued a preliminary determination of its antidumping investigation on fresh, chilled, or frozen US chicken leg quarters exported to Mexico. The SE also revealed the price discrimination margins for some producer/exporter businesses.

Mexico was recently declared Newcastle disease-free and according to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the issue has been resolved in the country. Some 900,000 birds were destroyed in the process and the appropriate measures were taken. No new reports have been reported ever since.

Mexico also lifted it's import ban on live poultry, poultry products and by-products from Missouri's Polk County in December 2011.

Mexico's National Health Service, SENASICA, has issued new Letterhead Certificates to accompany imports of raw poultry (fresh), poultry offal (other than organs), raw poultry offal (organs), thermally processed poultry, poultry edible fats, processed egg products, poultry dried meat, and poultry bacon. This came into effect on 15 December 2011.

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