Brighter Outlook for Egyptian Poultry Sector

by 5m Editor
13 March 2012, at 10:41am

EGYPT - Lower input prices for corn, soybeans and day-old chicks compared to last year are more than offsetting a decrease in broiler and table-egg prices in Egypt.

This is expected to generate better marginal profits for Egypt's poultry sector, according to Dr Hussein Soliman, US Grains Council director in Egypt.

As profits increase, higher wages and growing consumer demand in Egypt will lead to industry expansion, Soliman predicted.

Increased demand for animal protein has also pressured farm-gate milk prices, cattle prices and buffalo prices upward, in fact, improving profitability in cattle and buffalo feeding.

"The Council has been instrumental in preparing this project expansion," Dr Soliman said. "The present market climate indicates great expansion in all sectors of animal protein production, which will translate into additional grain usage this year."

Dr Soliman further noted that Egypt has increased its corn imports by 2 million metric tons (79 million bushels) in the last five years.