Give Your Chickens Their ‘Five a Day’

UK - Popular rural TV presenter and farmer Adam Henson has teamed up with animal feed specialist Dodson & Horrell to create two products for domestic laying poultry.
calendar icon 26 March 2012
clock icon 3 minute read

Adam Henson's new range of Layers Pellets and Mixed Poultry Corn comes in economically sized 12.5kg bags. It is available at all major feed retailers across the country.

We're all regularly encouraged to shop locally for our food and eat "five (portions) a day" of fruit and vegetables. This helps minimise transport costs and contributes towards a more well-balanced lifestyle, but do we apply the same principles to the food we give our animals?

Domestic laying chickens are big cereal grain fans. Wheat always makes up a large proportion of layers feeds for hens, whether they are raised on commercial farms or smallholdings. But used on its own wheat does not give a complete and balanced diet for poultry. This was a huge consideration when Adam Henson and Dodson & Horrell created their two poultry products, Layers Pellets and Mixed Poultry Corn.

Adam Henson says: "As a farmer, with many breeds of poultry, I've always been keen to feed them on wheat from my own crop, but I also recognise the need for a balanced diet. Teaming up with Dodson & Horrell has produced a premium product that I'm genuinely proud to feed to my birds - as well as put my name on."

Adam Henson's Layers Pellets provide all the nutrients a laying hen needs to produce quality eggs. They contain a clever blend of cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables and herbs, which give your chickens the equivalent of their five a day - and also provides natural carotenoids and other plant colours to enhance the rich natural yellow of your egg yolks.

A balanced feed not only helps support the egg laying but also enhances the health and nutritional welfare of your hen. The ideal complement to this is Adam Henson's Mixed Poultry Corn. It perks up your poultry, allowing them to do what they like best - scratch and peck for food. Used together Adam Henson's Layers Pellets and Mixed Poultry Corn provide an ideal safe and balanced way to support your hen in laying delicious fresh eggs every day.

Traceability of raw materials used in animal feed is of increasing importance to people who keep animals. Bill Chudley, Dodson & Horrell's Sales Director, says: "At Dodson and Horrell, our approach to any new product we create is that it should be clearly traceable from field to feed. And by using wheat from Adam's farm, we've done just that."

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