ORKA Develops New Eggshell Thickness Gauge Stand

GLOBAL - EggTester.Com (better known as “ORKA Food Technology”) has developed new Eggshell Thickness Gauge (ESTG) Stand. The new stand is extremely easy to use, provides faster and more accurate reading, and there is no need for training!
calendar icon 19 March 2012
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The current range of ORKA comprises:

  • The Egg Analyzer: this instrument determines the weight of eggs, albumen height, Haugh units, yolk color and USDA grade for routine quality control and regulatory compliance
  • The Egg Force Reader: this device measures the force required to crush a shell and is a direct measure of marketability
  • The Egg Shell Thickness Gauge: this instrument uses ultrasound to measure the thickness of shells for quality control and research applications.

The ORKA range of instruments is used extensively in QC laboratories operated by egg producers, packers, universities, regulatory authorities, and primary breeders.

Egg Analyzer

This instrument electronically determines egg weight, albumen height and yolk color. Haugh units are automatically calculated from the measurements made and results are highly correlated to traditional manual instruments. Data is displayed on a screen and printed on a strip and can be transmitted to a PC to be entered into a computerized database using proprietary software. The assay cycle for each egg is completed within 20 seconds. Albumen height can be measured from 0 to 30 mm and Haugh units are expressed on a scale of 0 to 130. Yolk color range corresponds to the DSM scale from 1 through 15 units.

The Egg Analyzer has been used for a number of years by a leading producer of specialty eggs to control quality. Determination of Haugh units is an indication of compliance with required age of eggs, storage and handling with specific reference to refrigeration. Yolk color is monitored as this parameter is a significant consumer attribute. Due to perioxidation, xanthoyphyll content of corn declines progressively during storage after the Fall harvest. Successive assays from various production regions document the effect of the time-related waning in intensity of color. To maintain an acceptable appearance of the yolk, decisions can be made as to the quantity of supplemental xanthoyphyll which must be added to layer diets to maintain the required standard of color. Reference to the database confirms the trends in yolk intensity from specific flocks and allows nutritionists to select appropriate levels of supplementation to optimize color at minimal cost. Given the current low availability and high cost of xanthoypyll pigments derived from marigold petals, the accuracy, consistency and reliability of the Egg Analyzer is an important aid in maintaining quality and reducing cost of attaining acceptable intensity of yolk color.

Egg Force Reader

This instrument determines the force required to create an indentation in the shell of an egg. Electronic measurement of the force is displayed on an LCD panel and is printed on a strip. Data identified to source flock and date is transferred to a computerized database using proprietary software.

Studies on the shell breaking force through the life time of the flock can be correlated to downgrades and hence marketable eggs. With the age-related decline in shell quality it is possible to predict an increase in downgrades for a specific flock. This facilitates preemptive corrective action including supplementing diets with bioplexed (organic) manganese, zinc and copper and adjusting calcium and available phosphorus content of diets. A large producer in the US regularly screens flocks and applies the data to assign specific age groups to branded specialty eggs which require a high standard for shell strength.

Egg Shell Thickness Gauge

This ultrasonic instrument can measure thickness at various points on the shell without resorting to the traditional time-consuming method of breaking the egg and measuring individual segments. Thickness can be measured over a range of 0.15 mm to 25 mm with a sensitivity of 0.001 mm. The instrument has a serial output to export data to a PC. The Egg Thickness Gauge is powered by batteries and is field deployable with the instrument and accessories housed in a foam-lined carrying case.

All ORKA instruments carry a warranty and their modular construction allows for replacement of critical components in the unlikely event of failure.

For ORKA’s current customers who wish to upgrade the existing stand, please contact [email protected] or visit www.eggtester.com.

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