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BRAZIL - The poultry industry is preparing for the XIII Symposium South Brazil of Poultry and IInd Poultry Brazil South Fair to be held in Chapecó city, SC state from 17 to 19 April at the Plinio Arlindo De Nes Center for Culture and Events.
calendar icon 2 April 2012
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For over a decade the event brings together researchers from different countries and poultry industry professionals from all over Brazil to discuss progress of the poultry industry, new technologies, discoveries and demands of this market that grows every year and make the Brazilian chicken worldwide recognized. Among the topics of talks this year are quality of meat produced in Brazil and market challenges. The expectation of this year is even better than the previous edition according to the organization's president, the veterinarian João Batista Lancini "This year the expectation is very good, we want to overcome the year 2011, edition which held 1500 professionals attending the Symposium and fair and 40 companies sponsoring the event " highlights Lancini.The sponsors are: Pfizer, Lilly, Merial, Ilender, Alltech, Merk, Ceva, Novus, Zinpro, COBB, Phibro and DSM.

The event is organized and conducted by the Western Nucleus of Veterinary Doctors and Zootecnists and this year must gather more than two thousand people between the symposium and fair that exhibits products such as equipments for poultry health, diagnosis, management, wellness and nutrition.

João Batista Lancini assumed the presidency of the Center West of Veterinarians and Zootecnists with the mission of realize successful events, making the organization one of the most proactive of the country, mobilizing every year researchers from 3 continents and participants from Brazil and Mercosur countries. "The event has focused on a specific theme, as the event continues the tradition being carried out with the same goals 12 years ago, which is training and updating the professionals related to the poultry industry. Thus programming is defined taking into account the issues of greatest interest to agribusiness in time, as we seek to set the agenda in businesses and universities and research centers in Brazil and world experts on every subject, with a focus to bring information with practical applications in everyday agribusiness," adds Dr Lancini.

One of the most traditional events in the Brazilian poultry industry, the Symposium South Brazil of Poultry, conducted by the Center West Veterinarians and animal scientists will gather about 2,000 supply chain professionals in Chapecó, the cradle of Brazilian poultry technified. "Agribusiness and suppliers of genetics, nutrition, equipment, diagnostics and health have always been united and together with the Nucleovet here in Chapecó, anticipate demands and make suggestions. With the cooperation and dedicated work of our colleagues who make up the Nucleovet, we once again make our symposium a professional manner, offering our sponsors, partners and colleagues enrolled what we can do better," said the president of Nucleovet, Veterinarian Dr Lancini.

Specialist at the University of Oklahoma, USA, Dr Robert G. Teeter will present the lecture "Environmental factors that impact feed conversion in broilers" on 18 April. In the next morning, 19 April, will present the lecture "Effects of coccidiosis on the costs of dietary energy at different stages of growth of broiler chickens."

Premiere programming

The meeting, which starts on 14 to 17 April, focuses on topics most requested by the industry as nutrition, health and animal welfare. This year's program opens with an afternoon devoted to the topic Salmonella. The first lecture will be "Current Issues in the study of avian salmonellosis" with Vet Med Eduardo Muniz, then a lecture on "Application of Microbiological Risk Metric (MRM) in the management of the production chain and the importance of quantitative data" will be presented by Dr Simone Machado.

After the break the theme will be "Control of Salmonella - updating of laws and regulatory compliance Brazilian official" with Dr Vladimir P. Birth. The continuity comes with the presentation "Control of Salmonella sp.: Critical points of the poultry production chain" with Hermann Simon Vet Med. The afternoon will be concluded with a roundtable where the speakers together will answer questions from participants

On 18 April the program starts at 08h with the report "Scenarios for the Brazilian chicken meat" with Dr Dilvo Casagranda, following a subject that arouses interest in the whole production chain "Infrastructure in the production of feed and the impact on production results the poultry industry "theme to be presented by Agr. Antonio A. Klein. Soon after the coffee break the subject will be resumed as "quality of the diet ingredients and productive outcome in broiler chickens" with Dr Antonio Mario Penz Jr. The lecture "Aspects of intestinal immunology and new alternatives for the maintenance of intestinal integrity of the birds" of the morning closed the program with Dr Theo Niewold of Belgium.

In the afternoon the topic "Management Methodology daily management of broiler" with Dr Bernard Gallo, Mexico opens discussions. Followed by the lecture "Background of the Current laboratory diagnosis as a tool in animal production" with Dr Obiratã Rodrigues. Ending the second day of discussions at the lecture "Environmental factors that impact feed conversion in broilers" with Dr Robert G. Teeter, University of Oklahoma, United States, promises to heat up the debate.

The 2012 schedule ends on the morning of April 19 with lectures on "Effect of coccidiosis on the costs of dietary energy at different stages of growth of broiler chickens" with Prof. Dr. Robert G. Teeter - United States, "Nanotechnology and its application in control of animal diseases" with Dr Humberto de Mello Brandão and "Update on infectious bronchitis in poultry and pneumovirose Brazilian" given by Dr Mário Sérgio Assayag. The last lecture will be "incubation management to improve performance, health and quality of broiler chickens" with Dr Edgar Oviedo at the University of North Carolina - United States.

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