ACCC Targets Duck Company's Welfare Claims

by 5m Editor
12 July 2012, at 9:32am

AUSTRALIA - The consumer watchdog is suing Australia's largest duck producer.

According to ABC, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission alleges Pepe's Ducks, based north-west of Sydney, has made false claims about ducks being 'open range'.

The ACCC alleges the duck meat was processed from animals raised solely in indoor sheds, without outside access.

Chief executive of Pepe's Ducks, John Houston, says the company has stopped labelling its products as 'open range'.

"We don't grow open range any more and that's where the legal part is and that's the discussion we're having with the ACCC," he said.

"We've taken it off our packaging, off our vehicles and we've been removing this for the last few years because we don't do open range.

"This is part of the legal situation that we have with the ACCC, and (because of) the fact that they're taking us to court, I don't think it's probably proper at this point in time to discuss it."

The case is due for its first hearing in Melbourne's Federal Court on 29 August.