AECL Comment on ACT Government and Egg Production

by 5m Editor
4 July 2012, at 10:03am

AUSTRALIA - The Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) says that the ACT Government has not banned cage eggs, which will continue to be sold in the ACT.

According to AECL, what has been announced is an agreement between one farmer and the ACT Government.

It is important to note that the negotiations between that farmer and the ACT Government to convert to cage-free commenced long before extremists attacked an ACT cage egg production facility.

The announcement is in no way an endorsement of those criminal acts. AECL will not let that criminal act go until the perpetrators are caught and justice is served.

AECL believes all three production systems offer welfare advantages and disadvantages for the hens.

For AECL, it is critical to foster an environment where egg farmers can continue to supply a growing population of Australians with the affordable source of nutrition and protein that eggs are, while looking after the hens to the highest possible welfare standards.