Growers Cull Chickens Early to Improve Local Prices

9 July 2012, at 9:57am

PHILIPPINES - Poultry growers in the Philippines are reported to be culling their chickens early in a bid to raise prices during a time of growing imports.

According to a report in the Manilla Standard, the growers are culling the birds early to cut down on production costs.

United Broilers and Raisers Association president Gregorio San Diego said that the culling was because of high production costs caused by high feed costs and also smuggling.

Farmgate price of chicken currently ranges from P70 to P80 a kilo while retail price at wet markets and groceries is between P140 and P160 a kilo of dressed whole chicken.

Data released by the industry showed that rampant smuggling and excessive imports of chicken choice cuts took as much as P10.34 billion from local production in 2010.