Next Gen Recognised as Leader in Agricultural LED Lighting

1 August 2012, at 9:09am

US - Deputy Secretary Daniel Poneman of the US Department of Energy, travelled to Arkansas to showcase the State’s Advanced Energy sector. The Deputy Secretary singled out NextGen Illumination, Inc. for its work in the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors.

Next Gen Illumination, Inc. is a pioneer in the field of LED poultry lighting and has worked diligently to bring an LED poultry lighting programme to Arkansas through the Department of Energy and the Arkansas State Energy Office.

Mr Poneman recognised the economic benefit of NextGen Illumination’s work to the nation’s growers and poultry industry. The NextGen poultry lamp is the industry leader and has been proven in thousands of farms across the world.

Next Gen Illumination serves the agricultural industry with lighting products ranging from live production to processing, warehousing and cold storage.