Plug and Play is Here, Says Agrilamp

UK - For the last year, Agrilamp has been providing farmers with the Agrilamp Tulip for lighting inside and underneath aviary systems, and inside broiler cages.
calendar icon 29 August 2012
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The Agrilamp Tulip lamp is providing more than twice the light of traditional rope and tube lights, for about the same installation cost. It also completely dims and does not run the risks of fire as seen in some rope lights. AC lighting is a lot safer than DC, in an electrical short situation the RCD (residual current device – breaker) simply lets go and all is safe.

In a DC power environment it can sometimes be as efficient at generating heat as a welder, and if the short is a long way from the controller it can keep energy going until a fire is created (see picture below). The problem with AC, if there is one, is that you need an expensive electrician to install it, maintain it and so on. Crawling inside an aviary system is not the most pleasant job in the world either, so it’s time consuming and costs money no matter what type of lighting you are fitting.

Plug and play lighting for farmers is an idea that has been around for some time, and we kept hearing requests from distributors for a solution. So it is finally here.

In the short view, per unit, the Agrilamp Plug and Play appears more expensive than traditional methods until you look at the massively reduced installation time. Recent discussions with our distributors identified that each row of traditional lighting can cost between 700 –1000 Euros depending on the system.

A plug and play system that allows for rapid installation from the dimmer to the final light fitting will enable these funds to be used for product rather than labour, increasing two fold the number of the lights fitted. This all adds up to absolutely the best system lights you have ever seen. You don't actually need to double the lamp numbers, but you now have the choice to have it just as bright and even as you wish and still save money.

The units themselves are IP rated for the job and a system can be supplied with everything plug and play, from a basic mains plug socket on the wall to the last lamp including the dimmer, leaving only the 0-10v dc dimming signal to be connected. Plug and Play is available in both an AG adaptor version, where you can simply change a light bulb if you wish, or as an integrated AG65 unit (the strong as an Ox version).

Key manufacturers of aviary and broiler cage systems have been testing our units in various forms for the past two years with great success, and in Switzerland the first commercially fitted sites where every lamp is an Agrilamp Plug and Play are now being installed. Based on our tried and tested technology, the development is physical not electronic, so we are able to maintain our very high standards. Talk to your system providers to see if they have been trying Agrilamp Plug and Play, and get a first hand view of how you could benefit from the latest advances in the poultry world from Agrilamp.

Charlotte Johnson

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