Focus at ISA: Eggs, Earth, Earnings

US - ISA, global operating breeder and distributor of white and brown layers that are suitable for traditional and alternative egg production systems in different climate conditions, will be exhibiting at IPPE 2013.
calendar icon 9 January 2013
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The mission of ISA is to breed layers that are capable of laying 500 first quality eggs per hen housed. This number will be achieved through continuous improvement of the lay persistence for a prolonged production cycle, without compromising on the quality of eggs. This will benefit both egg producers and society as a whole in the following ways:

  • Higher earnings for egg producers, because higher egg numbers are obtained per flock and because flocks need to be replaced less often.
  • A more sustainable production of eggs, because flocks need to be replaced less often which implies less frequent rearing of feed-consuming but unproductive layer chicks.

Hence. ISA's motto is: Eggs Earth Earnings

Apart from breeding highly productive and sustainable pure line birds, ISA produces and sells parent stock day-old chicks under the names Isa, Babcock, Shaver, Hisex, Bovans and Dekalb to approximately 300 distributors around the world. The parent stock chicks are derived from the latest generations of our pure line birds and are produced at five production centres located in Canada, Brazil, the Netherlands, France and Indonesia. On their turn, distributors cross the parent stock birds to produce the laying hens that are supplied to thousands of egg producers in the majority of countries in the world.

With roots dating back to the first half of the 20th century, ISA as it is known today was established in 2005, when the French-based company, ISA, merged with the Dutch-based company, Hendrix Poultry breeders. ISA is headquartered in the Netherlands and employs approximately 350 people of many different nationalities and with expertise in the fields of genetics, animal husbandry, hatchery, nutrition, veterinary science and business. ISA strictly adheres to Code Efabar, a European code of good practices in animal breeding, which includes a ban on genetic modification and cloning.

ISA is part of Hendrix Genetics, the global breeding company with activities in layer, turkey, swine and salmon breeding.

For more information, visit the company's web site, or email [email protected].

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