Israel Currently Facing Shortage of Eggs

by 5m Editor
31 January 2013, at 9:06am

ISRAEL - Grocers across the country, including major supermarket chains, are experiencing a temporary shortage of regular eggs.

Rami Levy, who controls the eponymous supermarket chain, said his stores have received only half the number of eggs they ordered in the last few days. He added that Tnuva, a major dairy provider and the country’s leading egg wholesaler, told him the problem should be solved soon.

According to Haaretz, Super-Sol, another major supermarket chain, claimed the shortage is nationwide but is only affecting regular price-controlled eggs. Supplies of pricier free-range eggs, it said, remain unchanged.

Some industry sources attributed the shortage to an outbreak of seasonal diseases among chickens while others blamed it on Yossi Eggs, a distributor whose license was suspended after it was to found to be smuggling eggs from the West Bank. Yossi provided 8 per cent of Israel’s supply.