Strategies for Advancing Sustainability, Safety of US Poultry

by 5m Editor
14 January 2013, at 9:05am

US - The February issue of 'Poultry Science', which was made available online today, brings to a wider audience a selection of eight important papers highlighting recent advancements in US poultry sustainability, food safety and other challenges presented at PSA's 2012 annual meeting at the University of Georgia in July.

Five of the papers in the February issue were presented at the meeting’s keynote symposium, "Tomorrow's Poultry: Sustainability and Safety." They address a range of topics including immune nutrition, gut ecology, plant-derived antimicrobials, antimicrobial peptides, processing, and packaging. The remaining three papers were presented at a symposium entitled "Next Generation Sequencing: Applications for Food Safety and Poultry Production Symposium." The topics covered range from the role of molecular genetics in poultry production to the use of genome sequencing as a tool for combating Campylobacter jejuni, a leading form of foodborne illness.

"The papers we have selected for the February issue of Poultry Science reflect the very high quality and forward-looking nature of current poultry research, and its focus on improving the production, safety and quality of poultry products that reach the consumer," said PSA President Dr Michael Kidd.

The February issue of Poultry Science will contain the following articles, which will be available for download from the links provided:

Keynote Symposium: Tomorrow's Poultry: Sustainability and Safety

Next Generation Sequencing: Applications for Food Safety and Poultry Production Symposium

  • "Modifying the gastrointestinal ecology in alternatively raised poultry and the potential for molecular and metabolomic assessment" (S. H. Park et al;
  • "Next-Generation sequencing: The future of molecular genetics in poultry production and food safety" (Sandra Diaz et al;
  • "Evaluation of whole genome sequencing as a genotyping tool for Campylobacter jejuni in comparison with pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and flaA typing" (S. Pendleton et al;

Poultry Science is a journal published by the Poultry Science Association (PSA).