Yum Offers Assurances over Food Safety

8 January 2013, at 8:58am

CHINA - Yum Brands!, which was at the centre over allegations over food safety issues in its KFC products in China last month, has issued a new statement.

In response to the 'Current China Poultry Issue', Yum! Brands has issued the following statement:

"Our food is perfectly safe to eat, and KFC in China has very strict food handling and quality control standards that meet or exceed all government regulations. We require all suppliers to follow those standards to ensure food safety. We regularly audit our suppliers, and if we ever find a supplier in non-compliance, we take immediate corrective action to resolve the issue, including terminating the relationship if that is warranted.

"We will continue to cooperate with the Shanghai FDA as they conclude their review and hope to use their findings to strengthen our industry-leading standards and processes to prevent isolated supplier issues from repeating in the future."

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