Newcastle Disease in Three Israeli Regions

by 5m Editor
19 February 2013, at 9:07am

ISRAEL - The Israeli veterinary authorities have reported five outbreaks of Newcastle disease across poultry farms located in Tel Aviv, Hazafon and Hamerkaz.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) received follow-up report no. 7 on 17 February. The affected population comprises breeders, ornamental chickens, a small number of ducks and guinea fowls.

A total of 55534 birds were found susceptible, out of which approximately 5048 cases and 2084 deaths were reported. 53450 were culled.

The source of the outbreaks remains inconclusive and the epidemiological investigation is ongoing.

The OIE, in conjunction with the concerned authorities, have applied several measures to contain the situation.

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