BPC Responds to 2013 Budget

by 5m Editor
21 March 2013, at 10:41am

UK - Caroline Leroux, Head of External Relations at the British Poultry Council, said that the council is pleased with the recognition of the vital role that apprenticeships play in promoting growth and improving skills.

Ms Leroux said: "As the Richard Review recommends, employers’ needs have to sit at the heart of the apprenticeship system so that young people can gain the skills they need to make a long-term contribution to the success of the poultry sector.

"We are however disappointed to see that the VAT on hot foodstuffs has not been reversed. Last week we delivered a petition to the Treasury with over 50,000 signatures against the measure, which has had a major impact on sales of rotisserie chicken. This ‘hot VAT tax’ is not raising huge sums for the Treasury but is having a major impact on hard-pressed families and British producers across the country."