Gaza Ministry Allows Frozen Chicken Imports from Israel

by 5m Editor
13 March 2013, at 8:27am

PALESTINIAN TERRITORY - Gaza's Ministry of Agriculture has approved imports of 50 tons of frozen chicken from Israel, an official said.

Tahsin al-Saqqa, director of the ministry's marketing department, said chicken imports were usually banned in order to encourage people to buy locally.

However, Mr al-Saqqa told Ma'an that due to the rising cost of fresh chicken, the ministry has decided to import frozen chicken to ease the burden on families.

He said Israel limited the number of baby chicks allowed into Gaza, reducing supply, "thus prices rise accordingly." Farmers also quit raising chickens because of the ongoing shortage of domestic gas, needed to heat coops, al-Saqqa added.

Sanaa Ashour, a housewife residing in Gaza City, said that fresh chicken was no longer an option for her family.

"A kilogram of fresh chicken meat costs 15 shekels ($4) and we can't afford to buy it," she told Ma'an.

She said three chickens are required for her 10-member family.

"We used to buy three chickens for 50 shekels, but now after the noticeable increase in chicken prices, the same amount of chicken costs about 75 shekels which we can't afford," she went on to say.