Lean Consumption Cools Poultry Products

by 5m Editor
8 March 2013, at 8:34am

INDIA - With the winter season in the North coming to an end, prices of poultry products are on the decline.

The wholesale price of egg has dropped by 30 paise to Rs 3.45 in the last six days, The Hindu Business Line reports.

The price drop was announced in two phases — 10 and 15 paise respectively on Thursday (28 February) and Saturday (2 March) — by the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) at its rate fixation meeting here.

The decline is mainly due to end of the winter season in the northern States — when egg consumption is high. Added to this is the observance of Lent in Kerala, a major market for Tamil Nadu’s poultry industry, said an NECC official.

After touching a record price of Rs 3.85 a piece on 25 February, egg prices were drifting slowly to maintain demand. Prices are likely to plummet further when the supply of about 45 lakh eggs to noon meal centres to Government school would be suspended during the annual examinations.

Meanwhile, prices of NECC's layer birds are down a tad at Rs 49/kg (Rs 50) while Palladam-based Broiler Coordination Committee has slashed chicken prices to Rs 50/kg (Rs 55).

Namakkal and Palladam are the benchmark prices of eggs and broiler in the country.