Special Nutrients Myco-Ad and Myco-Ad AZ

THAILAND - Special Nutrients, a company with 25 years of experience in prevention of mycotoxins, has produced Myco-Ad (Cobind/Toxfree Standard) and Myco-Ad AZ (Cobind AZ/Toxfree).
calendar icon 1 March 2013
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Both products are exceptional and unique in the market because of their ability to maintain basic and critical principals of a Target Organ Protection (TOP) mycotoxin binder.

  1. It has been scientifically proven that in vivo trials with TOP results are the measurement of a true mycotoxin binder. Only improving productivity parameters or the immune system is not evidence of effectiveness since this can be achieved by a variety of feed additives from growth promoters or their substitutes (acidifiers, enzymes, probiotics, etc) to immunomodulators (yeast etc.).
  2. The clay is always from the same source (mine). This is key in today’s market, which requires not only consistency of product but more importantly, consistency in results on a commercial level. No two clay types are alike. Therefore, if you change the source, not only will the commercial results differ, all scientific evidence of efficacy cannot be used for the new source (mine). This fact applies to all mycotoxin binders that contain one to 100 per cent clay .
  3. The effective dosage in the scientific in vivo experiment is the same as the commercial dosage. The decision to use a lower dosage other than the scientifically-proven TOP has to be made by the nutritionist or veterinarian of the feed mill or integration. Dosage variability has to be based on scientific evidence and not on what the costumer/country can afford and/or to be able to compete in price against another product.

Myco-Ad has in vivo trials with TOP results against aflatoxin (liver), ochratoxin (kidney), T-2 Toxin (oral lesions), fumonisin (liver). In the case of aflatoxin, Myco-Ad has just become the first toxin binder to gain approval in Brazil by LAMIC in five animal species (broiler, duck, swine, dairy, fish). Myco-Ad is also approved in Texas for aflatoxin control.

Myco-Ad AZ has in vivo trials with TOP results against DON (liver), zearalenone (reproductive organs and vulvaginitis), fumonisin (heart and lung) and T-2 Toxin (oral lesions). It was approved in Brazil by LAMIC for zearalenone and fumonisin control.

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