Newcastle Disease Outbreak in Haifa

by 5m Editor
9 April 2013, at 7:16am

ISRAEL - The Israeli veterinary authorities have reported an outbreak of Newcastle disease at a farm in Haifa affecting five-week-old meat turkeys.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) received follow-up report no. 1 dated 7 April. The first outbreak occurred on 16 March, and was confirmed on 19 March.

Out of a total of 34,000 susceptible turkeys, 3,000 cases were reported. 700 deaths were reported and the remaining 33,000 turkeys were destroyed.

Several control measures such as stamping out, quarantine, movement control inside the country, zoning, no vaccination and no treatment of affected animals have been applied.

Some of the measures that are to applied include screening, vaccination in response to the outbreak (s) and disinfection of infected premises/establishment(s).

At the Northern Poultry Health Laboratory, haemagglutination inhibition test (HIT), pathogen isolation by egg inoculation and real-time PCR tests were conducted on 2 April, confirming the presence of the Newcastle disease virus.

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