Nippon Chunky Commissions Petersime for New Hatchery

by 5m Editor
30 April 2013, at 10:33am

JAPAN - Nippon Chunky, Japan’s Aviagen (Ross) Parent Stock distributor, has recently expanded its business with a brand new hatchery in Okayama Prefecture, Western Japan.

The new hatchery was installed and commissioned in April 2013.

It has a total setting capacity of about 26 million eggs per year, which are incubated in 39 Petersime BioStreamer™ 8S setters and 15 BioStreamer™ 4H hatchers, all equipped with the latest Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology.

According to Mr Toshiaki Ohtsuki, Executive Director of Nippon Chunky, Petersime was selected as a supplier for two main reasons.

"The first is the excellent worldwide reputation of Petersime’s incubators. And secondly, we can rely on the Petersime distributor in Japan, Hytem, which provides reliable and technically oriented support and advice," he explained.

From left to right: Hugo De Ruyck (Petersime), Mr Toshiaki Ohtsuki (Executive Director of Nippon Chunky), Mr Shuhei Tomita (Hatchery Section Chief of Nippon Chunky), Mr Koji Morinaga (President of Nippon Chunky), and Mr Kotaro Yasuda (Hytem – Petersime distributor for Japan)