Collaboration Between FSIS, SENASA Releases Shipment

10 May 2013, at 9:44am

PERU - FAS Lima worked together with FSIS and SENASA (Peru's SPS Agency) in the development of new protocols for powdered cooked chicken that helped out to release retained shipments at port of Callao.

In January 2013, a key FAS contact informed FAS Lima that two shipments of powdered cooked chicken worth US$22,000 each were being held at the port of Callao because they lacked the necessary sanitary certificate.

Thereafter, FAS Lima served as a liaison between the National Sanitary Agricultural Service (SENASA) and the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) to develop sanitary requirements for powdered cooked chicken.

Following consultation between the two agencies, SENASA issued specific sanitary requirements for powdered cooked chicken, which were published in the Official Newspaper El Peruano.

The importer of the powdered cooked chicken was then able to obtain a sanitary certificate and the Peruvian authorities released the shipments that had been held at Callao.