EOC Fan Now Includes Belt Tensioner

by 5m Editor
29 May 2013, at 11:51am

ITALY - Termotecnica Pericoli recognises the negative effect on fans performance and cost-effective operation by this all-too-commonly found condition of 'Belt Tension' following the initial settling in or bedding of the fan.

This not only causes a negative effect on performance when the belt “slips” due to being under-tensioned but also the service and life-span of the V-belt and pulleys are also negatively impacted by both under-tension (slip) or over-tension.

It is common for this feature to be offered as an optional extra by most manufacturers. Pericoli, on the other hand - and in line with its policy of innovation,quality and performance- has made this feature a 'standard item' as it is too important to the overall performance and quality aspect to exclude it.

The Tensioner unit is very robust and the tension is factory-set and thus will always be deliver the correct belt tension and thus the fan will perform at optimum as well as extend the service life of both the pulleys and the V-belt.

In addition to this feature, the EOC 53” fan has a number of recent upgrades:

  • monolithic wall housing – reduced vibration (noise)
  • new motor position and mounting – more aerodynamic and reduced noise
  • shutters versus butterfly – inside rather than on discharge – improved seal and airflow.