Armenian Poultry Farms Prefer Chinese Technology

by 5m Editor
27 June 2013, at 8:22am

ARMENIA - Pegas Logic company of Armenia offers automatic control systems for greenhouses and incubators, company director Manuk Shemsyan said.

According to, these systems enable to control the entire incubation process of the eggs, primarily the temperature and the humidity.

“We achieved great results; the overall product is two to five per cent more than the conventional systems,” Mr Shemsyan added.

These systems were tested in one poultry farm, but the others largely prefer Chinese systems, as they are cheaper.

In Mr Shemsyan’s view, however, you cannot have a major system by using cheap algorithms. The Armenian technology is also preferable because it enables to conduct maintenance.

But due to an absence of local orders, these Armenian technologies are mainly offered in the Russian markets.

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