New Research Centre Set up by BRF

BRAZIL - BRF (previously 'Brasil Foods') has unveiled the BRF Innovation Center in Jundiaí (Sao Paulo state), a research centre equipped with modern laboratories, experimental kitchens and mini-plants for pilot production runs.
calendar icon 25 June 2013
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The project, worth 58 million real (BRR), is part of the Company’s objective of doubling investments in research, development and innovation by 2015.

The Center is equipped with state of the art instruments for product, packaging and process research and occupies an area of 10 thousand m² and will be staffed from the outset by 150 professionals between engineers, nutritionists, pharmacologists, nutritionists, chemists and veterinarians. The former R&D centres of Sadia and Perdigão in Videira (SC) and São Paulo will now operate out of the Jundiaí facility with the objective of capturing synergies between the research arm of the Company and its other areas.

The complex is divided into four areas: breeding and research, application, experimental kitchens and sensorial analysis laboratories. Unlike previous ones, this new structure will have facilities for conducting tests in the form of specific mini-production lines for evaluation purposes.

“We now no longer need to depend on production units for undertaking tests. We shall be able to simulate large-scale production, project costs and test the parameters of processes and quality of the new products,” explained Nilvo Mittanck, BRF’s Vice President for Operations and Technology. The complex also has five experimental kitchens for receiving different clients, allowing the performance of sensory tests, training, demonstrations and, principally, joint product development by BRF and its leading clients.

BRF’s new centre will make the Company a benchmark in food sector technological development and underscore its reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the world. BRF currently has a portfolio of 3,300 products of which 450 alone were launched in 2012. Some are notable for their exclusivity and innovation such as the Chester® Assa Fácil; the Hot Pocket line of pizzas and ready-to-eat snacks; Meu Menu, frozen and individual meals; whole wheat lasagnas and mayonnaise prepared with sunflower oil; as well as Batavo Pedaços yogurt with up to 10 times more fruit. Again, BRF is notable not only for the launch of new products but also innovation in research for reducing salt, fat and sugar content for example, and in the packaging area.

Mr Mittanck explained that the investments in the Jundiaí center are compatible with BRF’s strategy of being increasingly in the vanguard of its chosen business segments and recognised as a company with a vocation for innovation. The choice of site location for the complex is based on a series of advantages such as: proximity to São Paulo - the largest consumer market -, important highways and airports as well as key technological hubs, universities and major urban centers.

“The Jundiaí center will be a reference inside and outside the Company both in the creating of new businesses as well as the solution of problems,” added Mr Mittanck. “The aim is to gain time in developing the projects and in client servicing.”

Sustainable Construction

The innovative nature of the Innovation Center project is also apparent in the sustainable concepts incorporated in the complex’s structure. Systems have been projected for the reuse of rainwater, the harnessing of solar power, roof coverings with natural gardens to maintain cooler temperatures, reducing energy consumption and benefiting the indoor environment.

The project is deemed as a model for future installations at BRF and is also a candidate for LEED international certification, a seal of approval for sustainable constructions and considered the premium award for buildings in Brazil.

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