Vectored Vaccines for IBD Solve Three Main Problems of Classical Vaccines

TURKEY - Vectored HVT vaccines such as Vaxxitek HVT+IBD solve the three main problems experienced with classical vaccines against IBD, according to Merial’s Research Program Leader, Michel Bublot.
calendar icon 19 June 2013
clock icon 2 minute read

Speaking at the recent International Avian Forum in Istanbul, M. Bublot said that classical vaccines suffered from three main problems.

“Firstly there is administration.” he said, “Classical vaccines are normally administered through drinking water at the farm and this is not easy to perform. Secondly, there is the issue of safety because all of them induce bursal lesions. Finally there is a concern over efficacy. With classical vaccines there is an immunity gap, which means there is a short time period when the birds are not protected if they are challenged.

“The immune-complex vaccines can be administered at the hatchery and this solves the problem of administration, but unfortunately there is still a problem with safety as they can lead to severe bursal lesions. They also do not solve the problem with the immunity gap.

“The HVT Vectored vaccine such as Vaxxitek® really solves all three issues. It can be administered at the hatchery, there are no safety issues – there is no immune suppression induced by this vaccine –and there is no immunity gap.”

M. Bublot also talked about the HVT vaccines for Newcastle Disease. He said that these vaccines did not fully replace the whole vaccination program. “Against Newcastle Disease you also need to use a live vaccine in the hatchery, and possibly also in the field,” he added.

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