More Chicken on the Way in US

by 5m Editor
18 July 2013, at 7:30am

US - Following several months of historically high prices for chicken, most notably whole birds and chicken breasts, there are indications that the US broiler industry is starting to ramp up production.

The main factor holding producers back over the last few months has been uncertainty about the feed price going forward.

However, positive crop reports have encouraged more breeding egg placements since the beginning of June.

Given the short turnaround in chicken production (three weeks incubation, six weeks on feed), more chicken is expected to be available from mid-August.

The impact on the beef industry could be pronounced, with the USDA forecasting total broiler production for 2013 to lift by 200,000 tonnes (around 3 per cent) compared with last year.

This would bring prices down, making chicken more competitive against beef as a protein choice for price-conscious consumers in the US.