Petersime: Leading Innovator in Turkey Egg Incubation

GLOBAL - Incubating turkey eggs is an art of its own. Turkey embryos and poults require dedicated incubation programs and adapted hatchery equipment. Petersime has been committed to finding solutions for turkeys since the very beginning of its activities, resulting in an undisputed leadership reputation in that field.
calendar icon 1 October 2013
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Petersime’s long tradition in turkey hatcheries started more than 40 years ago. Among the first customers were British United Turkeys (UK) and Grelier (France). They were quickly followed by others: Moorgut Kartzfehn (Germany), Coolen (the Netherlands), Gruppo Veronesi (Italy), Le Helloco Accouvage (France), Grelavi (Poland), Saba (Tunisia), Cuddy Farms (Canada), and many more.

From the beginning, Petersime has been extensively researching the particular requirements of turkey egg incubation in terms of temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Accordingly, more and more changes were made to the incubators (different ventilation and air inlet systems, for instance) and incubation programs. Almost 25 years ago, Petersime launched a dedicated incubator for turkeys: the famous P13. Today, particular design changes have been implemented in the latest turkey incubator models in the Petersime S-line range.

Some of the adaptations for turkey incubators include:

  • Dedicated setter trays for 126 and 63 turkey eggs
  • Adapted setter trolleys for optimized air flow between the trays
  • Hatcher baskets with an increased height to allow for more space for the poults
  • Specific incubation programs and settings
  • Adjusted OvoScan™ and Synchro-Hatch™ units

Petersime has developed special turkey baskets with increased height so that the poults can stand up fully.

Frank Verschuere, turkey expert at Petersime’s Hatchery Development Department, commented: "Turkey embryos are different from chicken embryos in many aspects. For instance, we found that they are sensitive to high air velocities during particular phases in the incubation process. At Petersime, lots of efforts are being made to increase our customers’ hatchability in turkey hatcheries all over the world."

Some recent turkey projects include: Cuddy farms (Canada), Cuddy farms Anatolia (Turkey), Bashkirsky Ptitsecomplex (Russia), Miko Putenzucht (Austria), and Marek Gorski (Poland).

"We have chosen the newest range of BioStreamer™ incubators equipped with the Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology because we wanted to achieve the highest quality of poults and a shorter hatch window via permanent and active control of the essential incubation parameters. The first hatch results fully meet our needs," said hatchery owner Mr Marek Gorski."We are planning to invest in additional incubators in the near future and for sure they will be BioStreamer™ incubators."

BioStreamer™ 4TS incubators installed at hatchery Marek Gorski in Poland
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