Kuroiler Chicken Breed Introduced in Kabale

by 5m Editor
29 January 2014, at 6:42am

UGANDA - Kuroiler chickens have been introduced in Kabale district to help poultry farmers in increasing their earnings.

According to DailyMonitor, Diamond Musinga, coordinator, National Animal Genetic Resource Centre in Kabale District, revealed that 10,000 Kuroiler chicken have been procured from India for distribution to farmers in the country.

"This breed has proved to be farmer-friendly because it requires less care and no supplementary feeding. It is reared on free range basis and can lay about 200 eggs in a year compared to the local breed which lays only 40 while layers under intensive care and feeding produce 250-300 per year," Mr Musinga explained.

The introduction of the breed in Kabale has been done after an 18-month study that proved that it can have an average weight of 6kgs at off-layer stage. Mr Musinga added day-old chick shall be given to farmers at Shs2,500 each and Shs5,000 at three weeks old after immunisation.

Patrick Besigye Keihwa, the district chairman, asked the farmers to adopt the Kuroiler breed because it has also proved relevant in improving nutrition and livelihoods at household level because of the many eggs produced and good meat.