Poultry Expo to Present Ugandan Industry

1 May 2014, at 2:49am

UGANDA – Stakeholders in the poultry sector have been offered the chance to learn about the meteoric rise of poultry at the Uganda Poultry Expo in October.

Uganda plays host to a modernising farming sector, of which subsistence farming is hugely important.

Poultry production is an industry with a bright future and enjoyed a growth period between 2002 and 2008, growing 59 per cent, according to a Ugandan Poultry Expo spokesperson.

“Good reasons to visit the Expo this year are to tap into the forums we have for improving links between manufacturers, distributors, farmers and policy makers in Africa,” said the spokesperson.

“New business partnerships can be developed, particularly in East Africa and the Expo serves as a platform to launch new products.”

Held at the UMA showground in Kampala, the event is held on 30 and 31 October.