Novus Scientists Share Findings at 2014 PSA Annual Meeting

US - The wealth of scientific information that is shared during the 2014 Poultry Science Association (PSA) Annual Meeting makes it a valuable industry event, reports Novus.
calendar icon 18 July 2014
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There are more than 850 scientists, extension specialists, educators, producers, students and administrators from the global poultry industry on hand and Novus is proud to be among this esteemed group. Novus scientists contributed four oral presentations and one poster presentation to PSA, revealing groundbreaking research on the supplementation of enzymes, chelated trace minerals and pigments.

Dr Frances Yan is presenting the results from two research trials focused on CIBENZA® enzyme feed additives from Novus. The first presentation is the 'Effect of protease on growth performance and carcass traits of broilers fed diets with different crude protein levels'. This study investigated the effect of CIBENZA DP100 on the growth performance and carcass traits of 18 male broilers affected by dietary crude protein levels. Body weight, feed intake, feed conversion rate (FCR) and mortality were determined at days 19, 35 and 42 and on day 43, carcass parameters – dressing percentage, breast yield and fat pad weight – were obtained. The data revealed that in broilers fed corn-soybean meal-based diets; CIBENZA DP100 had the potential to increase body weight and to improve FCR when the dietary protein level was not optimal, without compromising processing parameters as compared to other test diets.

Dr Yan is also presenting the 'Effect of dietary protease and NSP enzyme on growth performance and carcass characteristics of broilers' at PSA. A floor pen study of eight replicate pens of 18 male broilers was conducted to evaluate the effect of CIBENZA DP100 and CIBENZA CSM, when used alone or in combination, on growth performance and carcass parameters of broilers. The results demonstrated that in broilers fed wheat and corn-soybean meal-based diets containing dried distillers grains with solubles, supplementation with CIBENZA DP100 and CIBENZA CSM were able to improve FCR, and their effect was independent of one another as compared to other test diets.

Dr Marta Blanch is presenting regarding the use of pigments in chickens with her presentation entitled: 'Effect of two marigold-based yellow pigments on chicken pigmentation'. The study compared the pigmenting efficiency of XAMACOL® Max with a major commercial marigold product high in zeaxanthin in chicks up to 45 days. The results showed that XAMACOL Max achieved a higher pigmentation on broiler skin pigmentation in both live broilers and cold carcasses than the commercial product, and that lower levels of XAMACOL Max could be used to attain similar yellowness when fed at commercial levels.

Dr Juxing Chen is presenting the 'Effect of trace minerals on the development of bacterial chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis in poultry'. Multiple research and commercial modes were used to test the efficacy of MINTREX® chelated trace minerals in reducing bacterial chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis (BCO). Compared to inorganic trace minerals, birds fed MINTREX showed fewer signs of lameness, such as tibial head necrosis, femoral lesions and BCO.

Additionally, Dr Megh Manangi from Novus presented a poster entitled, 'Efficacy of a next-generation microbial phytase on apparent ileal amino acid and crude protein digestibility in broiler chicks fed non-phytate phosphorus-deficient corn-soybean meal based diets'. In this 19-day experiment, the effect of supplementation of a next generation microbial phytase, CIBENZA PHYTAVERSE®, on apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids and crude protein was evaluated in broiler chicks. The study showed that in broiler chicks fed non-phytate phosphorus deficient corn-soybean meal diets, supplementation of CIBENZA PHYTAVERSE at 500U per kg diet significantly improved digestibility of crude protein and essential amino acids.

Novus’s long-standing dedication to poultry science and industry-leading research in animal nutrition is highlighted in these presentations. The expert staff and product offering is driving Novus to a leadership position in enzymes, and breaking new ground in carotenoid technologies.

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