Vencomatic Group Organises Summercourse Poultry 2014

29 July 2014, at 6:27pm

NETHERLANDS - Vencomatic Group and several (poultry)partners will organise the "Summercourse Poultry" from 25 to 29 August, 2014.

Experts will present the latest developments and trends on poultry production:

  • animal welfare and behaviour
  • animal health and range
  • egg quality
  • innovative broiler systems
  • slaugther- and meatprocessing
  • Students, newly graduates and young professionals interested in recent developments and innovations can participate in the Summercourse.

Other participating companies are: Poultry Expertise Centre, Wageningen UR, CAH Vilentum Hogeschool, HAS hogeschool, PTC+.

Application is no longer available and the company will keep you updated on the "Wintercourse Poultry".