Successful First Hatch at New Turkey Hatchery Galli Gallo

1 September 2014, at 7:53am

ROMANIA - The recent €2-million investment in the new turkey hatchery is unique in South-east Europe. The goal, according to Petersime, is to produce and deliver high-quality poults at a low price per poult, with less or no mortality at the farm.

86 per cent hatch of set – that’s the promising result of the very first hatch at Galli Gallo’s brand new turkey hatchery located in Sinca Noua village, Brasov County, Romania.

The hatchery has a yearly setting capacity of 3.3 million eggs and is equipped with Petersime’s state-of-the-art BioStreamer™ setters and hatchers.

To achieve this, Galli Gallo commissioned Petersime to deliver the incubators: eight BioStreamer 8S setters and two BioStreamer 8H hatchers, all equipped with the patented Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology.

A strategic location for the hatchery was chosen: far away from any other animal shelter or poultry farm and less than one hour's drive away from the growing farms, for optimal biosecurity.

Hatching eggs are delivered by Grelier (France) on a weekly basis. Thanks to strict planning, most of the eggs are being incubated within two days after delivery, which contributes to the quality of the day-old poults.