US Senator Blasts South Africa on Poultry Block

28 January 2015, at 10:33am

SOUTH AFRICA – Concern has been voiced over South Africa’s use of trade and development legislation to block US poultry from the market.

US Senator, Chris Goons, has supported the African Growth and Opportunity Act but hit out at South Africa’s ban on meat.

Speaking at the Senate on Monday, Mr Goons said the measure “has been a powerful tool for increasing trade and boosting economies across the African Continent”, particularly South Africa, but was worried about South Africa’s use of the act's “antidumping duties”.

Delaware online reports Mr Goons dismissed South Africa’s claim that its poultry is being sold below market value, a similar justification used in China.

“Not only is this claim false, the World Trade Organization recently deemed China’s nearly identical ban to be illegal,” he added.