The S-line Training Programme for Petersime's Chinese Customers

22 February 2016, at 12:00am

BELGIUM - From 11 Jan to 15 Jan 2015, a regular training programme for the latest generation of S-line incubators was held at the Customer Service Center at the Petersime headquarters in Belgium.

This was Petersime’s special training programme for Hubei Tongxing COBB, Shandong Minhe, Shandong Yisheng and Ningxia Xiaoming Company.

During this training, the hatchery structures, Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology, special software, and specific technological features were studied in detail.

Petersime’s latest developments in the field of hatchery control — Eagle Eye™, the BioStreamer™ Re-Store incubator for the restoration of hatchability after long-term egg storage, and the BioStreamer™ HD — a new modification of the BioStreamer™ incubator with increased productivity — were of great interest to the participants.

The practical activity - Hatch Breakout lessons to analyse the reasons for early, middle and late dead embryonic death - was very practical and contained valuable information for the clients.