Automatic Manure Belt Scraper Saves Much Work and Improves Hygiene

GERMANY - Egg producers with single-tier or multi-tier Natura aviary egg production systems can look forward to it: On the occasion of EuroTier 2016, Big Dutchman will present the first manure belt scraper world-wide that does not need to be operated manually.
calendar icon 1 November 2016
clock icon 2 minute read

AVC-3D folds down the scraper fully automatically which used to be very exhausting work. Apart from that, the integrated self-cleaning function significantly facilitates cleaning. This has a positive influence on hygiene in the house and on the birds’ welfare.

A linear motor takes over folding down automatically – with an impressive result: Egg producers save approximately three minutes per manure removal procedure on every manure belt. Considering that a house is in operation 333 days per year on average, this saving in time for a system of four rows, two tiers and two manure removals per week results in 40 hours per year. Or rather five days of holiday when usually working 40 hours per week.

A vibration motor is located below the scraper, creating micro-vibrations during the manure removal process. These vibrations clean the scraper profile thoroughly and remove even the slightest attachments. Vibration dampers avoid the transmission of vibrations to the system, which would have a negative impact on the laying hens.

Ludmila Starostina

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