New Feeders Prove Effective Way to Lower Costs

22 November 2016, at 12:01am

“Our old feeders just weren’t allowing us to compete with some of the newer barns around the area. Our very first flock with new Classic Flood feeders settled at number one,″ explained C.L. England, a poultry grower from Exeter, Missouri, USA.

Exeter, MO grower, C.L. England

“We felt like changing out the feeders in our 29-year old buildings was a cost-effective way to lower our production costs. We proved that out with 0.2 improvement in feed conversion on the first flock,” said England.

Key to the success was the flood feature of the new pans.

"With our old pans, we had to hand-fill feeders with extra feed when starting a flock. With the Classic Flood feeders, we just drop the feeders and the pans fill with feed automatically," he said. "Getting extra feed into the chicks at the start makes a big difference at settlement.”

“I’m pleased we made the change as it appears it’s an investment that will pay us back quickly,” said England.