Teaming with poultry companies to ensure carcass quality and food safety

by 5m Editor
2 June 2017, at 12:00am

The role of today’s technical services veterinarian needs to go beyond posting sessions, field trials, product support and new approaches to disease management.

According to veterinarians Doug Fulnechek and Lloyd Keck of Zoetis, poultry companies need more help building a bridge between live production and processing to reduce condemnations and the load of foodborne pathogens.

Poultry Health Today talked with them about their philosophy and approach.

Full interview (15:00)
Part 1: Protecting a poultry company’s investment (4:08)
Part 2: Helping poultry companies meet the new food-safety standards (2:58)
Part 3: Building a bridge between live production and processing (6:21)
Part 4: Working productively with FSIS inspectors (2:02)
Part 5: The biggest surprises (2:47)