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Earlier this year TIBA Poultry Grandparent Company embarked on an enhanced customer training program that is building knowledge and understanding with customers and growing the Indian River Egypt family.
calendar icon 24 July 2017
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The customer focused training day is held in the company’s new offices in a dedicated meeting room for Egyptian poultry farmers to attend the one-day workshop on the management of breeding flocks. Attendees are from Indian River customers who have received birds from TIBA, Aviagen’s exclusive distributor for Indian River in the Egyptian market.

The training has been tailored for the market and managed and led by a professor from Cairo University, TIBA service team members and Aviagen international service specialists. An exam is administered at the end of each meeting to evaluate understanding from the participants and a certificate is presented for the best student of the day. An “IR Egypt Family Award” is also presented for the best-performing Indian River flock of the month and was presented to the grower at the last one-day workshop by Tom Exley, president Aviagen Asia, Middle East and Africa and Michael Garden, Aviagen business manager, MEA.

TIBA has continued to grow and increase its grandparent placement to 38,000, which is a significant increase from the initial grandparent placement in 2015. A start will be made in September to build new farms and a hatchery to support the anticipated growth in business. Indian River is the fastest-growing brand and has secured 20% of the domestic market.

TIBA has attracted consumers with the Indian River broiler breast conformation and also the farmer with the good breeder performance and with the excellent FCR and liveability of the broiler. For the past 8 months the day old broiler chicks have been bought by a growing number of customers and are attracting a premium price in the local market over competitors.

“One of the most critical aims of this ‘IR Egypt Family’ is to encourage parent stock and broiler customers to share electronic data with TIBA technical managers. The data sharing will help TIBA, the youngest grandparent distributor in Egypt and Aviagen evaluate the product in the field and improve future performance of Indian River breeder and broiler. The electronic data collection program has been given to all the customers who attend the training program,” commented Mohsen Ganjaei, Indian River commercial and product support manager, Middle East, Africa.

TIBA has not only increased the volume of birds in production, it has grown its support team to be larger than any other grandparent distributor in the market. The combined commitment to the business, to building the team and to customer training will help strengthen the business and reputation of TIBA as it pushes forward in Egypt.

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