AB Vista expands Technical Service Team with new Feed Applications Engineer

by 5m Editor
28 November 2017, at 12:00am

AB Vista’s Technical Services Team has recently been expanded, as part of the company’s strategy to strengthen feed mill support to customers in the Americas.

Joel McAtee has joined AB Vista as Feed Applications Engineer for the Americas, having spent several years working in Operation and Regulatory roles in commercial feed facilities and premix plants.

Dieter Suida, AB Vista’s Americas Director, says a key part of Joel’s role will be providing feed engineering support and advice to customers in the Americas region.

“With his broad experience across feed mill equipment and processing, Mr McAtee will play a key role in supporting AB Vista customers in the Americas with feed mill equipment design, operation and effectiveness including enzyme dosing technology and pelleting equipment.”

Mr McAtee graduated from Kansas State University in Feed Science and Management and subsequently managed the KSU Research feed mill, helping build and commission the new feed mill for animal science research.

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