1,000,000 birds placed on the Bolegg Gallery

It is two years since we released the Bolegg Gallery. A multi-tier aviary system for layers that combines user friendliness with a clever and economic design.
calendar icon 30 January 2018
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In two years’ time we realised projects for 7,500 birds up to nearly 100,000 birds. These projects cover the US, Canada, Australia and different countries within Europe. Together this adds up to nearly 1 million bird places on the Bolegg Gallery.

How does the Bolegg Gallery make a difference?

The design of the Bolegg Gallery is unique. Different than what we see from most systems is that the Bolegg Gallery has nests, feed & water on two levels. This gives birds no immediate reason to move to the third level or the floor. On top of that the number of m2 system surface is substantially higher compared to other systems available on the market. We see that, in the Bolegg Gallery, more birds remain in the system. The system has an egg belt on all three levels. Possible system eggs are collected automatically. The nests have our proven features that ensure a clean and attractive nest but are also positioned deeper in the system . This creates less traffic just in front of the nests. Together this results in a minimal number of floor eggs and a high egg quality.

The fact that the Bolegg Gallery has feed, water and nests on two levels makes placing birds quick and less stressful. Birds can be equally spread over two levels where they are provided with their basic needs. Birds can easily move vertically through the system thanks to the proven tree concept. Welfare ramps are in place to further facilitate vertical movement. Regardless of the quality of rearing, practice shows that birds perform well in the Bolegg Gallery.

When developing the Bolegg Gallery there was a good consultation with the poultry specialists, for example on the light plan. Years of experience with aviary systems give us the valuable knowledge for an optimal light plan. This makes a big difference in the end, we see that birds quickly go into the system at night.

Alex Welbergen, poultry specialist at Vencomatic Group: “when you enter a house equipped with the Bolegg Gallery you’ll experience more rest. Birds remain within the system, don’t tend to move from one system to the other. I am always happy to work in a Bolegg Gallery poultry house as I’m almost certain that we’ll succeed. With a proper training our customers are able to make their business successful.”

All this makes us believe it is fair to say: “Managing aviary birds is easier then you think!”

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