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12 April 2018, at 12:00am

"Poultry Diseases Influenced by Gastrointestinal Health" by A. Gino Lorenzoni DVM, MSc, PhD is a guide to how and why to improve the gut health of your flock

Increasing poultry production has been one response to the demand for not only healthier diets, but for more food in general as the world braces for a total population of 9 billion by 2050. This increase in production has led to the beginnings of a paradigm shift for both producers and consumers, since more birds means increased disease pressure and has caused consumers to think more about welfare and sustainability.

Whether on small or large-scale operations, poultry producers face many challenges. One of, if not the most pressing of these challenges is mitigating disease risk and dealing with disease when it arises.

Discussions around disease have, in recent years, become synonymous with gut health. Ensuring that birds’ gut health is optimised can not only increase resistance to disease, but also improve performance and nutrient absorption which is important not only for animal health, but human health, sustainability and bird welfare.

Poultry Diseases Influenced by Gastrointestinal Health by A. Gino Lorenzoni DVM, MSc, PhD addresses these concerns by outlining in detail what diseases can be influenced by gut health and what to do about them should they arise. The author provides insight into these diseases while also addressing alternatives to antibiotics including, and especially, probiotics.

“We hope that this guide will increment your knowledge of poultry diseases and poultry management, and that at the end of the rearing cycle you may see this reflected in your pay check.”

A. Gino Lorenzoni DVM, MSc, PhD

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