IPPE Insights: ADM launches line of enzymes for poultry, swine

16 October 2018, at 12:00am

ADM has introduced a new non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) line of enzymes, developed for poultry and swine, according to David Heilig, director of strategic and business development for ADM Animal Nutrition.

"It's called Empirical, and it unlocks ingredients," said Heilig. "It's a multi-component enzyme that provides a lot of flexibility to the nutritionists and formulators who are trying to meet today's feed demands with all the byproducts and co-products being used."

Cost is a key concern, and nutritionists are always seeking opportunities to utilize cheaper ingredients.

"Empirical offers some different components that allow the use of cheaper ingredients to lower the cost of feed production," he said. "The enzyme's a single fermentation multi-component enzyme, focusing on xylanase and cellulase that helps to release some of the extra energy that's been locked into the cellulose products - inside some of the feedstuffs currently being used."

ADM has been selling enzymes for over 40 years and is now focusing that knowledge and experience to directly benefit the livestock industry.

"We have a brand new lab in Davis, California, USA for the development of this enzyme, and all the enzymes to follow," he noted.

Empirical NSP is currently sold in North America and other select countries. However, regulation approval is underway for all of the key countries where ADM maintains a presence.

"It can be used with corn-soy rations typical in North America, and with small grain rations prevalent in Europe," he explained. "It could also be used in South America and Central America with sorghum and soy rations."

Bottomline, Empirical provides a low-cost opportunity for poultry and swine producers to have a multi-component enzyme in the ration that provides greater flexibility in their nutritional formulations.