AMI Group invests in Europe’s largest waterfowl hatchery

by 5m Editor
9 March 2019, at 12:00am

AMI AGRO invested in a new waterfowl hatchery in the village of Przedborow with state-of-the-art hatching technology. Although the Polish company already produces 20 million ducklings and goslings per year, this new investment will significantly lift this capacity number even higher.

AMI AGRO is part of AMI Group, the Polish and European leader in meat production, meat processing and feathers from duck and geese. AMI Group started as a deeply rooted family farm in 1978. Now, it is the main supplier of meat and feather products of waterfowl (duck and geese) in Poland, Europe and Asia.

The company gained this strong position because of its continuous technological development and automation of hatching, reproduction, rearing and slaughtering of duck and geese. The use of high-quality raw material, top-notch technological equipment in the production facilities and experienced personnel are reflected in its products.

The investment in the new waterfowl hatchery completely fits this approach. A full year production with a few hatches per week will guarantee a simultaneous, divided production of ducklings and goslings. The hatchery will only hatch eggs of high biological value. To achieve this, they decided to use state-of-the-art technology and choose to install Petersime incubators and hatchery equipment. Together with constant veterinary supervision and keeping the highest standards of biosecurity and animal welfare, this equipment will ensure a smooth and consistent production of healthy and qualitative ducklings and goslings.

In a first phase of the project, 63 BioStreamer™ setters and 38 BioStreamer™ hatchers will be installed and commissioned by December 2019. The second phase, representing another batch of 26 setters and 10 hatchers, will be installed and commissioned in 2020. With this major incubation capacity, this facility will become the largest waterfowl hatchery of Europe.