Rising demand causes China’s top poultry producer to expand

7 June 2019, at 10:34am

Wens Foodstuff Group Co Ltd plans to purchase Jiangsu Jinghai Poultry Industry Group in a bid to diversify its businesses amid African swine fever.

According to reporting from Reuters, Wens Foodstuff Group, China’s largest pig and poultry producer, plans to buy Jiangsu Jinghai Poultry in an attempt to enter the white feather broiler chicken market.

The report states that poultry prices in China are rising due to the ongoing African swine fever epidemic. The epidemic has reduced China’s swine herd by over 20 percent. This has caused a looming pork shortage and caused consumers to turn to other sources of protein.

The acquisition by Wens will diversify its existing poultry portfolio and complement its existing yellow feather business.

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