Track and trace hatchery data with Eagle Trax™

With hatcheries becoming larger and more integrated, and the rising demand for transparency by consumers, Petersime launched software to connect egg origin and incubation parameters to chick outcome and performance.
calendar icon 12 June 2019
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Big data from a hatchery’s perspective becomes reality

Petersime has developed Eagle Trax™, an innovative software addition to Eagle Eye™ to make traceability happen on a hatchery level. This software will support you in optimising your hatching process to the fullest by analysing and improving flock performance. Moreover, together with your ERP system it will give you the opportunity to have an overview over the whole value chain.

An increase in available data

It will come as no surprise to you that hatcheries become larger with bigger and more high-tech incubators and more hatchery automation to keep up with the increasing worldwide demand for chicken meat. This also means that more and more data is being logged daily by those machines.

Hatcheries are nowadays often part of a vertically integrated company. On an integration level one oversees all the pieces in the value chain from mother hen to hatching egg to chicken on your plate. This involves a massive amount of data to take into consideration. On a hatchery level alone, it means planning millions of hatching eggs from many flocks, fitting those into several setters per day while trying to establish a balanced loading, delivering millions of chicks to many customers, analysing mortality, growth per flock as well as meat yield.

A demand for transparency

More and more consumers want to know where their food comes from and what is in it. Because of this growing demand for transparency, traceability of meat and poultry products is gaining popularity and is more essential than ever in the relation between consumer and producer.

More and more consumers want to know where their food comes from and what is in it
More and more consumers want to know where their food comes from and what is in it

The connecting link

Eagle Trax™ is an extension of Eagle Eye™, Petersime’s existing software to monitor and control your hatchery. Whereas Eagle Eye™ provides you with a real-time overview of the status of your machines and history analysis, Eagle Trax™ adds extra insight and connects the hatchery’s data. Working with your ERP system, this software easily points out where to put your trolleys in the setter for a balanced load and how to transfer them correctly to the hatchers. Moreover, Eagle Trax™ gives you the opportunity to spot patterns, interpret them and then make predictions based on historical data from setters and hatchers to continuously optimise your chick performance. You will better understand why certain issues appear and what you can do about them. Thanks to detailed information about the flock and its background, you will be able to optimise more effectively.

Powerful analytics to maximise profit

You can hatch an egg only once, so doing it right is essential. Since the origin of each egg is different, the result of your hatching process will be unique for each flock. Combining these individual flock data with the origin and performance data is finally possible in the blink of an Eagle Eye™. Eagle Trax™ allows you to evaluate overall flock performance and adapt your incubation process so you aim for the day-old chicks with the highest potential.

Eagle Trax™ brings powerful analytics and tools to your hatchery, making your incubation process more profitable and your life easier.

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