Human Interface Mate: an operational game-changer

At Petersime, we are continuously on the lookout for innovative solutions to increase our operational efficiency and take our product quality to the next level. In collaboration with Belgian start-up Arkite, we have introduced the Human Interface Mate in our manufacturing facility.
calendar icon 9 March 2020
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A virtual assistant for operators

The Arkite Human Interface Mate (HIM) is an automated virtual assistant for operators in the production industry. Thanks to its built-in smart sensors and augmented reality, the tool guides operators in completing long and complex manufacturing processes by projecting real-time picking and assembly instructions on the workbench. In case of errors, the HIM also warns operators and advises which move to make instead.

Having the HIM as a supervisor helps achieve an error-free manufacturing process, as well as flexibility: it offers a quick and efficient solution to train new operators.

How the HIM has improved Petersime’s production

At Petersime, the Human Interface Mate is used in the electricity department of the Belgian production facility. To name one example: if your hatchery has a Petersime alarm panel, chances are it was made under supervision of the HIM.

“The assembly of the I/O module used in the alarm panel is a critical phase in the manufacturing process and was the ideal case for us to test and implement the HIM. The reality is that such a complex task, that involves linking 65 colour-coded cables to the right connections, could allow for mistakes”, says Alex Deleenheer, Process Engineer at Petersime.

He adds: “Introducing the HIM has proven to be a game-changer. Several operators can complete the I/O module efficiently and worry-free with help of this tool. Keeping in mind that we are continuously improving Petersime’s operations, the HIM sets a good example of what we aspire to accomplish throughout our entire manufacturing process.”

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