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It is the 200 years of animal husbandry and the 50 years of poultry breeding that form the background experience of Bábolna TETRA. As a result, the company deals not only with pullet rearing, hatching egg production and sales of breeding flocks but also with providing technical support and consultation to its customers through its qualified and experienced veterinarians, agricultural engineers and technologists.
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Type, number and breeding level of hybrids housed at the farms available are worked out by a precisely set rotation plan.

Binding rules of epidemiology and the poultry industry ensure the safety of stocks. The rotation plan provides a framework for balanced hatching egg and day-old chick production, which is essential for economical and safe operation.

It shows the number of products available for own use and sale. Breeding stock rearing and laying farms house new stocks according to rotation plan.

The replacement process of stocks is the following: the old stock is removed from the farm, chicken houses are cleaned and disinfected, and left empty for a short period of time to make the cleaning process more effective. Arrangements for receiving a new stock are made only afterwards.

Veterinary preventive and control measures are reviewed yearly and are implemented to protect stocks. These measures specify the process of chicken house hygiene control before the stocks are housed. They also stipulate the preliminary control of new stock, making sure the new stock is free from pathogenic agents and they also check the effectiveness of the vaccination schedule.

The new stock has a daily and weekly vaccination program to provide the chickens with long-term, elaborated immunization against the most common poultry diseases. To confirm the effectiveness of vaccinations serological tests are made regularly according to a strict program. These tests are carried out by our well-trained specialists.

Bábolna TETRA has its own local and central laboratory for such testing or makes use of external institutions when it is essential.

During regular stock supervision, our veterinarians and experts provide assistance with stock management, feeding technology, and animal hygiene issues.

The Bábolna TETRA headquarter is in the west part of Hungary, (Uraiújfalu, Vas county) where the accredited laboratory is located.

To do several serological and different egg-quality testing this laboratory is equipped with measuring devices of the latest cutting-edge.

Hygiene and product quality controls of poultry farms, hatcheries, feed-mills and transportation vehicles are exercised according to ISO 14001 DNV and the binding technological and disease prevention and quality control measures, plus the regulations of the poultry industry.

Our poultry farms, hatcheries and feed-mills are subject to an inspection of the state veterinary control and are supervised by poultry industry organizations regularly.

With the enlarged laboratory, Bábolna TETRA renders veterinary consultation services and provides diagnostic assistance with the rearing and laying of stocks supplied and helps with the monitoring of production parameters.

Dr Előd Bajcsy

Veterinary Expert on Poultry Medicine at Bábolna TETRA Ltd.
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