New organic bio stimulant sustainably reduces feed intake while increasing egg production

Looking for sustainable ways to reduce feed costs?
calendar icon 29 June 2022
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With feed prices rising globally, farmers are looking for new ways to reduce their feed costs as margins are squeezed tighter and tighter. Citadel Environmental Solutions helps poultry producers reduce their inputs while producing a more efficient flock – whether that’s layers or broilers.

Biocat+ OSAA (Organic Surface Active Agents) is a bio stimulant product comprised of microorganisms including naturally occurring bacteria, Crenarchaeota and Euryarchaeota which causes an Ecological Phage Transfer. It is harvested from both land and sea sources so it naturally replaces itself, making it 100% sustainable.

OSAA can be introduced into the water lines of layer or broiler operations, removing biofilms from the water supply. It leaves water lines pristine and reduces the need to use toxic cleaners like the industry standard – hydrogen peroxide. Many producers are seeking an alternative to hydrogen peroxide cleaners. If inhaled, vapors can also be very dangerous and are a serious risk to farmers and farm workers using caustic or acidic products in the workplace.

As an eco-friendly product, OSAA creates a safer work environment and offers production efficiencies that can sustainably increase a producer’s bottom line.

Production efficiency

On-farm research conducted at a 16,000-hen layer operation in the UK shows that use of OSAA resulted in an 8% reduction in feed intake, while egg production increased by 4% and eggshell quality improved, providing a uniform, even-colored shell.

“Outcome measurement points improved, and the welfare of the birds was better,” reported the UK producer who conducted the on-farm study. “I didn't use any antibiotics during the 14-month flock cycle and had no issues with flock health. The flock ran as well as it possibly could.”

Egg quality, color and weight are very important in the UK market. The producer saw improvements and consistency with each of these measures in the study.

“As birds near 13 to 14 months, there's a natural drop off in shell quality, but I didn't see that when using OSAA. We previously raised the flock from 16 weeks through 72 weeks,” he said. “Now we can keep flocks until 76 weeks and are considering going to 80 weeks in the future. This really adds to our stainability over time because the longer we can keep the hens performing at a high level, the longer we're spreading our investment out over time. Using OSAA, egg production and quality didn't tail off like it had previously.”

The ability to keep water systems clean is directly connected to the health of the flock, specifically gut health, he said.

“The birds are healthier, living longer and more efficiently producing higher quality eggs because their gut health is so much better - that's also the reason why they're eating less food,” he explained. “We’re seeing better bioavailability in the bird’s gut, meaning they're able to absorb the important nutrients from their feed better, so they need less food to create the same – or even better – outcomes.”

A cleaner gut produces less manure that’s drier, which produces less ammonium and creates a healthier respiratory environment for the flock to grow.

“Biocat+ OSAA is new to the UK, but it has been tested and used around the world. Its bioactive solution is all-natural, and its ingredients come from the earth,” said Henry Madders, managing director at Citadel Environmental Solutions. “It’s ability to keep water systems clean directly affects the gut health of the flock. Our farmers tell us they are seeing better feed bioavailability, which offers a more sustainable and profitable outcome for the farm.”

Similar benefits – lower feed consumption, a reduction in antibiotic use and faster weight gain – can be seen in broiler farms.

There’s no special equipment needed to use OSAA. It can easily run through a Dosatron. However, larger poultry operations may benefit from an onsite catalyst production unit (CPU). Now available, an onsite CPU creates an easy-to-use system while reducing transportation costs.

OSAA is registered in the UK and is available as an organic product.

For more information on Biocat+ OSAA, email [email protected].

Sarah Mikesell


Sarah Mikesell grew up on a five-generation family farming operation in Ohio, USA, where her family still farms. She feels extraordinarily lucky to get to do what she loves - write about livestock and crop agriculture. You can find her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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