Sufficient Water and Bird Performance

Dr Berry Lott of Mississippi State University offers advice on the pipework required to provide sufficient water to broilers in the September issue of Poultry Health & Management Report from the US National Institute for Animal Agriculture.
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To achieve maximum growth rate, birds must have plenty of good, fresh water available and nipples must supply enough water. Dr Berry Lott, extension professor, of poultry science, Mississippi State University, points out that research confirms that body weights and yields can be dramatically affected by a lack of water supply to the farm and/or an inadequate water quantity supplied by the nipple drinker.

Dr Lott says the design criterion for a house is 10 gallons of water per minute to each house that has cool cells or foggers.

"The amount of water available should be based on the worst-case scenario that might occur," he states.

A table developed by Dr James Thompson, agricultural engineer at Mississippi State University, shows a general guideline of pipe and water meter supply capability.

Effects of size on flow rates of PVC pipes and water meters in gallons per minute
Pipe Size Flow Rate* Meter Size Flow Rate
1 inch 14 5/8 inch 20
1 ½ inch 44 ¾ inch 30
2 inch 87 1 inch 50
*Recommended maximum flow rate

"The farther you are away from a house with the supply source, the more friction-pressure loss will occur," Dr Lott adds. "Going up hill or down hill will influence the amount of pressure and, thus, the amount of water a given pipe will deliver."

He explains that a one-inch pipe coming from the mail line to supply four houses with cool cells is probably inadequate for the summer but could be sufficient in the water.

With the small difference in price of PVC pipe, Dr. Lott contends that a producer should never consider using a pipe of less than 1 ½-inch diameter. He notes that size of pipe should be sized to the water meter being used.

September 2009

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